Friday, 6 March 2015

it can't be done. they said.

“This is it. This is it. This is it”, he says to himself.
“I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready”, he thinks to himself.

He takes a deep breath. He remembers that someone, somewhere, once told him that it was a good way to slow down your heart rate. His heart, which is battering against his sternum, slows down. Slightly.

“Now!” he says and thinks to himself. 

He explodes into movement, bounding forward. As his legs accelerate his mind runs. Back to when he first discovered what he wanted to do with his life. Back to the first moment he knew that he had no choice in the matter as it was his destiny. And no-one was going to stop him, not even himself. They tried, though. The other kids at school. His parents. His brothers and sisters. Every single one of them told him it couldn’t be done. It could. And if it couldn’t he was about to find out.

This thought drives him forward. Every muscle in his body contracts and relaxes in quick succession as they thrust him forward. He is now nearing maximum velocity. He is nearly there. He now focuses on his target. He hears all the voices of the doubters in his head. If only they could see him now. The voices get louder and louder. His legs move faster and faster.

“IT CAN'T BE DONE. IT CAN'T BE DONE. IT CAN'T BE DONE.” the voices are now screaming.

“YES IT CAN!” he shouts as he shuts his eyes and jumps.

Jimmy the weasel grew up being told he would never fly. Lectured by his elders about his wild imagination. Bullied by his peers because he saw possibility where they saw futility. But he knew. Or rather, he was chosen. He was put on this earth for this sole reason.

He opens his eyes. The world below him is getting further and further away. He is airborne. He is flying. He is doing what he has been destined to do. He has only one thing to say to those who lacked faith in him and in personal dreams….







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