Wednesday, 8 December 2010

don't phone your wife.

if she is pregnant maybe you shouldn't phone her. some research done by the university of california suggests that microwave radiation emitted by handsets could damage your unborn baby's brain. how? apparently children exposed to mother's regular phone-use whilst in the womb are 30% more likely to turn out to be brats - whatever 'being a brat' means according to the researchers. are children not, by their very essence, meant to be naughty? or, at least, a bit cheeky? the survey involved some lengthy ethnographic work - a series of interviews to some 28,000 mothers broken down into four parts, that's right, via telephone.    

so, tell me, would you prefer an angry wife now because you don't call her or a slightly less naughty child in the future? either way, nothing a slap on the arse can't fix.  

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